Monday, 5 June 2017

Walk with me - Dunstable Downs

I needed this walk. I needed to not be in the city. 

Grey with moments of sunshine. Peace and wildflowers.

Mystery hole!

This is June the border collie. She has wonderful ears.

And this picture is my favourite. I think it captures how magical and open and alone our walk was.

We stopped in a village pub for refreshments.

They had a massive garden with a swing set. An adult sized one! I swung, as a bird of prey circled the sky above. Debbie called and the bird answered. KeeeKiKiKi.

Someone's delightful cottage.

Old farm equpiment getting swallowed by nettles.

Flowers! <3

And this view.

We also saw...

- heart shaped petals
- a chaffinch
- lots of rats having a party on a pile of old grain
- many wonderful dogs
-elderflower everywhere
- gliders

How was your weekend?

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