Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ramen day with girlfriends

You know I love a theme. So I had a ramen day with some lady friends and a very well behaved baby! I've felt extremely tired lately so it was loveliness to have low effort friend time.

I cleaned the loo, bought instant ramen along with tofu, peppers and chives and got out my ramen related films. (Tampopo and The Ramen Girl)

It was a good thing we started by eating ramen and catching up because Tampopo would have made us hungry. It's such a celebration of food and it's gorgeously intimate. It was the first time any of us had seen it and we had no idea what to expect. There's a main storyline with a truck guy helping a lady called Tampopo perfect her ramen business but it's interspersed with funny/emotional/sexual food mini stories that don't actually relate to the main story or each other.

There is a sex scene involving an egg yolk and a live prawn which made us all shriek with horror and confuse the baby haha! Baby was playing happily with Phillip the unicornball so wasn't concerned long.

For snacks, we had bourbon biscuits (the best kind of cheap biscuit) and drank houjicha (roasted green tea).

Then we followed up with The Ramen Girl which is a sweet feelgood film where Brittany Murphy <3 is alone in Japan and a bit hopeless, but learns to make ramen from a grumpy man and finds her path in life. She speaks English, he speaks Japanese but they slowly begin to understand each other although he is a reluctant mentor and she ought to be taking Japanese lessons!

Finishing the day at a ramen restaurant was considered but baby needed to go home, so another day, another ramen day.

Very unstyled, lazy photos...but they are relaxed snippets from a relaxed day. Later, I went to an amazing gig. It was the best kind of weekend :)

Can you suggest any more ramen related films?

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