Sunday, 7 May 2017

SBC guitars - apple trees and creative business confidence

 Stu loves wood and music and using his hands. So of course he designs and builds his own guitars. And I think they're beautiful. Little, handcrafted and full appreciation of natural wood. (He doesn't like to hide the grain).

SBC guitars is slowly building up and I'm super proud of him. He has created something. This business and these guitars wouldn't exist but he has made them happen. And spent years learning to make guitars, alone. Now Hobs (the guy I went to Morocco with) is building with him.

He struggles at times, feeling like the business is building too slowly, that he can't make enough money, that the guitars will never be perfect enough. He forgets that it is amazing that guitars from his brain are now real, well made, original, beautiful, playable instruments. And that there are people out there who want them and have paid for them.

I don't think there's any shame in needing a second job because this doesn't earn enough. When we chatted to other independent guitar builders at Holy Grail Guitar in Berlin, I think that many are in the same boat. It's a tough market with some very big brands that dominate it. I think the important thing is that he is doing it and he loves it.

I get it though. It can be hard to keep going, especially when you work alone most of the time. I definitely think it takes some courage.

I've been trying to help out by taking photographs. These are a few from Easter, an SBC guitar posing in my parents apple tree. It's one of his few guitars that has colour and I really like this dirty green. It's like the guitar has been living outdoors all it's life and it has turned this colour on it's own. Like an old fence. But you can still see the grain and I really like the clean edges. (I also like the weird dirty marks on the garage wall.)

Do you have your own business? Or would you consider it? Any motivational tips/links?

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