Sunday, 28 May 2017

May in moments

I'm keeping this very visual as I'm not in a mood to write. Bad PMS. I've been moodswingy and tearful all week but the ups have been the blazing sunshine, the birdsong, Stu, bright flowers, great food and tiny bugs glowing golden in the light.


Fun food graffiti

Flowers at work brightening our basement office for a week

Tiny birthday cake, messy kitchen, bad light.

A weekend in Wiltshire for family times and flowers and friends. Birthdays and baby showers!

Adventures in Moominland with my BFFs and street food joy

 Sunshine, picnics and walks.

It has been a gorgeous and busy month. Bank holiday weekend is beginning as I write this. I need to sleepsleepsleep, eat and make music.

How was your May?

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