Sunday, 21 May 2017

Lizard Horse - The joy of being in a band and playing a first gig

This really isn't something I ever thought I'd do. As much as I love music, it was unimaginable to me that I could ever actually be part of a band.

I had often joked with my friends about starting a band and made up fun band names. I thought this was that. Our name (Lizard Horse) comes from something I misheard and we joked it'd make a good band name. But my friends are so awesome that they actually went ahead and did it!

We booked a practise room, turned up with our instruments and started to play. I had started to teach myself to play bass off of YouTube about 2 weeks before and hadn't played an instrument since childhood. Esther had never played her keytar (or any instrument) before. Anna is a musician but new to drums. Only Kate already knew how to play guitar. Somehow it worked. We literally just played and songs formed really naturally over the weeks. Super fun songs.

The others had hung out at a really cool volunteer run space in the depths of South London called DIY Space for London. They run a mini weekend festival called First Timers, which is for new bands (particularly disabled/female/LGBTQ/diverse bands) to play their very first gigs. So we applied for it...and a few weeks ago, we played! After only being a band for 5 months and new to everything.

I wasn't even nervous until it was time to go on stage. Being in a group was a comforting blanket. Nerves hit as soon as I stepped on stage though. The one thing we didn't practice and had no knowledge of was dealing with the sound check. So unfortunately, our sound wasn't right. The guitar was too loud and the keytar/vocals too quiet. And Esther (who started the band and is frontwoman) had a super bad cold and felt really crappy. And the spotlight was on Anna when it should have been on Esther. But although the sound/light was wrong, we played our four songs right and it was so much fun.

It wasn't perfect but we did it. We are going to write more songs, play more. Next time we'll get it right!

We don't have any social media or recordings yet but it's in the works.

We did make our own tshirts though! I drew this Lizard Horse and we printed transfers on to cheap Primark tops. I love it, even though Stegosauruses aren't technically lizards, dinosaur means 'terrible lizard' plus it just works.

It's so exciting and fun to be in a group and to be creating something together.

Have you ever been in a band or thought about being in a band?

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