Sunday, 14 May 2017

A sunny day in Brighton - Stu's birthday surprise

Another post featuring Stu...but in Brighton and it was his birthday and it was so much fun! Stu and I don't always buy each other birthday gifts but we do spend the day together. I knew exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday and planned it out. He wasn't very excited about this birthday (he didn't want to turn 31) and didn't know what he wanted to do so I said I'd surprise him! 

I kept breakfast simple but treat-like; banana, croissant, coffee. And a pink birthday card with a 'babe' pin and the information that we were going on a trip.... He guessed it was Brighton almost immediately, but it was ok because he was excited and he would have found out at the station anyway!

The train to Brighton was deliciously empty (and high tech! It had a screen that showed how much space was each carriage, where the toilets were and if they were vacant, and how the underground lines were running).Our journey was a bit delayed though, due to signalling problems so we were very hungry by the time we arrived in Brighton!

Luckily, the Hope + Ruin is straight down the road from the station, serving an all vegan menu of diner delights. Hot dogs, doner kebabs, fries and chickn poppers! All vegan! Yay! And so good.

My doner and fries was covered in plentiful fresh tasting chilli sauce and the poppers satisfied my fried chicken lust. I was sated. Stu wasn't! He wanted ice cream so I quickly checked Yelp and then took him to Boho Gelato to get some.

They make their ice cream right there, with local milk. I was too full to get my own but I tried some of Stu's and it was a delicious monster. He got 'cookies & cream' and 'armadillo' (which was daim bar flavour! Do you remember those ads?)

We sat on the pebbly beach in the sun while Stu ate his ice cream. We lay on the warm stones, listening to seagulls call and the distant sound of cheesy music coming from the pier.

The pier was our next stop! I had brought a huge bag of 2p's that had been found in Stu's childhood bedroom and I had absolutely no intention of bringing it back to London so we went 2p wild in the arcade, winning some floofbobble guys, sweets, and worked hard to win a monkey keyring for my mum! (She's year of the monkey)

A wander through the lanes, a maze of little shop that felt a bit Harry Pottery.

A lie down in the Pavilion Garden, admiring the Royal Pavilion.

A wander round North Laine which is so colourful and so fun and so full of independent businesses doing really cool stuff.

A drink and a game of Connect 4 at the Brighton Beer Dispensary.

Then back to the beach for more sunshiney chats and pebble skimming.

We meandered toward the station and found an adorable duck covered pub called The Pond! Where we got a quick (overpriced) bao before hopping on a train back to London as the sun set gloriously.

We finished the day at home with birthday cake.

"How do you feel about being 31 now?"

"Well, it's started out fantastic!"


How do you like to celebrate birthdays?

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