Sunday, 9 April 2017

IKEA toy joy fun

I live near an IKEA and I love it. Stu says IKEA is where relationships go to die but he's definitely 80% joking!

He certainly loves veggie balls and daim cake! So do I. Sometimes we just go there for dinner. ROMANCE!

I also love IKEA soft toys. They are so soft and cuddly and cute! I bought my little niece Penny a pig before she was even born. We call it Hamlet and it has nipples on its tummy! Like real pigs.

I don't want to spoil Penny but I only see her about once a month and it can be irresistible to get her little gifts. These four little guys were my last impulse IKEA buy. They have toys based on childrens drawings and these are mini versions. They are amazing.

First I made Penny a little animation of them dancing around my new plant (my gift for myself from IKEA...) which my sister tells me she enjoyed and she said 'More? More?' when it was over. :D

I gave them to her in real life at Granny's birthday party, spacing them out throughout the course of the party and her little face looked so genuinely excited as she received each one! <3

She called them Rar-rar, Sssss, Duck and Froink. Well, I named Froink but she accepted the name and she named the others. SO CUTE.

I'm going on holiday with her (and my sister and our husbands) this month and I can't wait! Adventure!

I utterly adore Penny and love being an auntie. She's the only child in our small family and it still seems so surprising and wonderful to me that this new tiny person has joined us.

Do you have children in your life? Do you have IKEA in your life?

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