Sunday, 30 April 2017

April in moments

Bam! April was less about good habits and more about good friends and good times. I've barely been to the gym but I've had a lot of fun.

April began with lots of friends from home coming to London to see me (and enjoy a Beauty & the Beast afternoon tea!). Some stayed overnight in nearby Muswell Hill so we hung out the next day too. Wandering the grounds of Ally Pally, feeling the sunshine, eating icecream being sold from an old car and marvelling at how bloody expensive it is to hire a swan boat. (We did not go on a swan boat.)

The following weekend was Veggie World and then off to the Peak District. I impulse bought tickets to Veggie World, forgetting it was the day we were going on holiday. Smooth move. We spent the morning there, discovering vegan businesses and trying tasty foods before heading up to the Peak District for a week with Penny aka cutest niece ever (and her parents).

We walked and played and cuddled and sang about tractors (bringing in the hay HEY!) and visited farms.

Then down to Wiltshire for Easter Sunday and Penny's very first egg hunt!

Stu and I felt bereft when we got back to London.

I went back to the gym for punching and planks.

And I gave blood. Which made the gym harder. I swear, working out is much more exhausting for at least a week or two after I give blood.

I saw cute drawings in the park and I had tasty dinners with friends.

Stu managed to slice two of his fingerpads off while changing the blade on his band saw. It is disgusting! I feel awful for him, hand injuries are horrible. Also relieved that he didn't do anything worse. He seems to be healing well and keeping clean. Phew.

Blossom and bluebell filled walks. Sunshine. Petals dropping. Fresh greenery.

And I forgot my dad's birthday. I forgot untill 2 days later! I still can't believe I forgot it!!!! Argh. He has been very sweet about it and I feel awful! I need to make up for this!

Have you ever forgotten an important event? How did you/would you make up for it?

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