Sunday, 16 April 2017

a date in Palmers Green

We used to live in Palmers Green and I like it a lot although I prefer visiting to living there. It's a bit of a commute if you need to work in zone 1 every day but for a lazy weekend date, it's great.

Stu and I sleepily popped to Palmers Green a few weekends ago and tried a cafe we'd never been to before called Boulangerie Patisserie. It's like a cross between a greasy spoon and a patisserie with very reasonable prices and excellent fresh juice.

Carrot, apple and ginger is my favourite juice.

We shared a roasted vegetable and halloumi sandwich which had perfectly roasted veg and really tasty bread. Huge bowls of fresh tomatoes and peppers decorate the windowsills.  It's so friendly and decent in there.

After lunch we visited my favourite second hand bookshop in London, the Red Cross bookshop.  Seriously, so many excellent books for so cheap! :D And for a good cause.

Then we made our way to Broomfield Park. It was a grey and damp day so it was quiet. But we were happy.

The only thing missing from this day of Palmers Fun was a trip to Yasar Halim to get a big box of baklava.

I love this kind of relaxed day time date so much! Food, books and a walk. Perfect.

What's a great date for you?

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