Sunday, 26 March 2017

Tottenham Marshes - blossoms and bird poo

Tottenham Marshes isn't stunningly beautiful. At a casual glance it looks ordinary, maybe even ugly. A wide, scruffy expanse. Some trees at the edge, mostly open grass, all framed by electricity pylons. It's in the details though. It's so full of life! Which is amazing (apart from the time an enormous cloud of tiny bugs was there and they tried to fly in my mouth and I headed straight home again). And SPRING is here, so blossoms are arriving...and you know what, I take it back. The Marshes can be stunningly beautiful if you look again.

It's apparantly the right time to see fat little smooth newts in the marsh water! We stared hard for a bit....and possibly saw a newt! But it might have been a fish. I didn't try to take a would have looked like a picture of some dirty marsh water. Here's one from last year off my old phone, looking like some dirty marsh water!

Blossoms are ridiculously pretty though and it makes me ridiculously happy.

As we were leaving the marshes and heading to the canal...I felt a cold splish on my neck. 

"Oh, it's starting to rain!"

It wasn't.

I put my hand on my neck and it came off smeared with something bright yellow! It smelled bitter, like the juice bugs squirt when they get alarmed. It must have been a bird poo and I feel very lucky for many reasons!

a) Stu had tissues and alcohol gel in his bag

b) It didn't land in my hair

c) It didn't land on my white t shirt

d) We weren't far from Craving Coffee, so I got to wash my hands with soap and have an excellent coffee and a pain au chocolat

Craving Coffee is right by Markfield Park. I need to explore Markfield Park more as I've only really passed through. It has a Beam Engine (whatever that is, will find out) and a skate park with a graffiti area.

Bird poo aside (and that could have been much worse), what a great day. Stu, blossoms and coffee. And we met some great dogs.

Any bird poo stories?

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