Friday, 31 March 2017

March in moments

I'm so energised this month! It feels like I've been doing everything (exploring, creating, eating and laughing) and it feels good.

Starting with my silliest joy, I found an ENORMOUS onion in a corner shop! It was nearly as big as my face! The smaller onion is an ordinary onion. I wish I'd got a shallot and done an onion family photo. And it tasted fine. I used it as 6 onions in a recipe :D

There is a Josef Frank exhibition on at the Fashion and Textile Museum right now! I went with my old uni friend/former housemate to drink in the colour and joy of his work. Josef Frank is one of my favourite surface designers. My dream sofa would be upholstered in Josef Frank. Exuberantly bright flowers and birds. So playful.

Stu's parents came over for annual roast. As Stu and I are both vegetarian now, we decided to just make one vegetarian meal for us all which thankfully went down well as Stu's roasted roots and my sweet potato, caramelised (giant) onion and goats cheese tart was simple and delicious. We didn't want them to feel like we were forcing our diet on them, but at the same time didn't see why we should make them some meat when anyone can eat veggie food whether they are veggie or not. Glad we did this as I don't think they were just being polite, they really enjoyed it. Yay!

I celebrated my birthday and it was perfection. A day with Stu then Gemmie in the evening :) and Gemmie gave me such a great gift! A hand drawn voucher for dinner together and a pretty little box of luxury chocolate.

I met a very old friend (I used to scare him by chasing him round the playground singing Puff the Magic Dragon) at KERB Kings Cross, a wonderful lunchtime street food market that rotates new and exciting traders. I found Sheng High and I'm obsessed. I waited about 15 minutes for my spinach and tofu dumplings and they were so worth it! Mmm, crispy bottom, squishy steamed top. You get 4 huge dumpling stuffed with spinach and tofu and drizzle (drench) them with vingary sauce and chilli oil. The texture and flavour is perfection. I seriously kept dreaming of these dumplings after eating them.

Granny celebrated her 90th birthday with a lunch party. There were so many people there that I barely got to speak to Granny and hope she had a lovely time. She had 5 cakes! I spent most of my time playing with my little niece (LOVE) and Stu and I are laughing so hard in the photo below because he did a funny pose with his leg and I tried to copy him and managed to (gently) knee him in the balls which just cracked us up.

I made vegan black sesame icecream! Seen here with a pile of raspberries, meringue and chocolate. It was a practice run for the Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea I'm hosting next month. It's going to be my 'Try the grey stuff, it's delicious!'. Maybe.

I finally finished my star cut, which is the first proper creative thing I've done in a long while and I'm very happy with it. Need to start another!

Stu and had fun exploring the cafes and charity shops in Palmers Green, where we used to live.

I saw TNBD play at Nambucca and they were great. I also liked Masiro.

An adventure with blossoms and bird poo in Tottenham Marshes. (blossoms make my feel expanded with joy)

Tottenham Green Market had their 1st birthday party and there was a great turn out. There was music and dogs and I love the Seitan and Ale pie that Young Vegans do. Flavouryum. Rich ale-y flavouryum.

I've enjoyed lots of boxing fit and yoga (and a deep tissue massage).

Had a beast day with my best beasts in Walthamstow. Sheng High is at the E17 Village Market on Saturdays and I was still dreaming of those dumplings so I dragged them there (and they loved them too).

After dumplings we popped into Gods Own Junkyard which is insanely cool! Neon lights and glitter balls and all the amazing crap. There's a gin bar next door too and we had cocktails (I had a mocktail) in the sunshine and chatted and laughed and felt the love. We've been friends since we were about 8 (me and Gemmie since we were 5).

A pub roast dinner at the Greyhound in Hendon which was excellent and Sunny Hill Park is round the back.

I love this wall.

Do you ever obsess over amazing foods?

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