Sunday, 19 March 2017

Cutting out the stars

 "I hate stars. How dare you wake me to look at them!"

I finally completed the inky papercut of the most intensely starry sky I have ever seen (mentioned in this post about Morocco) and I'm actually pleased with the result.

Cutting the tiny triangles has been soothing. Both sides of the paper made great flatlay backgrounds while I was working on it. 

The triangles cast very pretty shadows on bright days. And I've always loved the fleeting in and out of shadows on a day when clouds continually dance across the sun.

I framed it and put LED strip behind, to make the most of the fact that I had cut each star out and so the star could shine with light.

I haven't kept this one. I don't have much space in my beloved little flat so I gave it away and I'm thrilled by how much the recipient seems happy with it.

The process felt good. Planning more on this theme!

There are basically no stars to be seen in London. Can you see stars where you are?

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