Sunday, 12 March 2017

A birthday in moments

Well, I'm another year older and I'm happy.

The day began with coffee and an orchid from Stu. (Sidenote, did you know that orchid means testicle?) And we finished watching season 4 of Gilmore Girls.

Around 11am we set off for central London :)

First, Maitre Choux for the fanciest, most decadent eclairs I have ever seen. I've wanted to go for ages but couldn't justify spending over a fiver on one eclair until it was my birthday.

Oh! Yes. Perfection.

It was all I had dreamed.

I used to be a bit too fond of eclairs. As a teenager I'd buy two for 99p from Safeways and eat them both. Regularly.

This was a smaller, more delicate, exquisitely decorated affair and it tasted as good as it looks.

(EDIT - I've just heard a rumour that none of the eclairs at Maitre Choux are vegetarian! They contain gelatine! Crap. I didn't think to check beforehand. Need to verify...but I guess I won't be eating any more of these.)

Post eclair, we headed round the corner to the V&A (one of my favourite big museums) to see the Undressed: A history of underwear exhibition.

We admired (and were terrified by) underwear from the 1800's to the present day, the intimacy, hygiene, sexuality and the shaping. The shaping! It can be unbelievable. Women basically wore sculptures way back when. And even now, we wear uncomfortable underwear and force our bodies into certain shapes.

Then a walk through Hyde Park.

We had the winter set, with light fresh mezze, followed by a main.

I chose a lentil stew with egg and some kind of doughnut. There was nothing wrong with it but I felt horribly sick trying to eat it and am so grateful that Stu let me swap and have his delicious tahini crusted squidgy roast aubergine with jewelled rice.

Greedily, because the cakes looked too amazing not to, we shared a little rose and raspberry cake even though we were stuffed. So moist and delicately flavoured and prettily iced in pink! It was a joy. And I had fresh mint tea.

We headed home (feeling sick from eating so much) and flumped.

Later, Gemmie and her boyfriend came over and we just chatted and watched youtube videos. She gave me vegan chocolate and a hand drawn voucher to go out for dinner! I love it a lot.

Stu made roast cauliflower and spicy fries. We still weren't hungry but I think Gemmie and Sam enjoyed it.

It was a really wonderful day.

What would be your perfect day?

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