Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Traddock in the Yorkshire Dales

I booked a couple of nights at The Traddock (a very nice hotel) in the Yorkshire Dales because they had a cheap deal for February midweek bookings and I wanted to get away. Later I was happy to realise, the dates fell across our 12 years together anniversary! An auspicious start to our trip.

Even the 200 mile drive up north went well, with a gloriously pastel fluorescent sunset. Darkness had just fallen as we arrived, checked in to The Traddock and were given a friendly tour before being shown to our room. I had previously booked a table for dinner (mmm dinner) so we headed to the cosy bar/lounge area for a drink until it was time. And we asked for advice on walks and were given maps and directions for the next day! So helpful!

Slightly awkward moment occurred...I hadn't mentioned that we are both vegetarian as I had no idea that booking a dinner table meant that you got given canapes! (Stu says fancy places do this - oops) They were so kind about it though and brought us new canapes! And I can tell you that beetroot meringue filled with goats cheese and orange is amazingly delicious! Sweet and savoury at the same time, in the best way. And it's excitingly pink.

There was only one vegetarian choice to be made when it came to ordering (the menu is minimal anyway) and it felt a little silly asking for 'carrots' then 'cauliflower' please. But when the food came we were happy. The carrots were so special. I could have just had carrots and been happy. There were 3 or 4 different kinds of different coloured carrots, pink, orange, black, pureed. Sprinkled with lightly spiced granola(!) and ice cream(?!). It looked beautiful and tasted wonderful and felt really special.

I didn't love the roast cauliflower as much as the carrots (and I was feeling a bit full by this point, probably because I scoffed some quorn scotch eggs and cookies before dinner...) but I couldn't fault it and it was so pretty! Plus, I always wondered what that pretty green cauliflower tasted like - conclusion, like cauliflower but not as good.

After dinner we pretty much headed to bed. It had been a long day of driving and we just wanted to be comfy and cosy in our comfy, cosy room. I'm not a fan of red, gold and green together but I still found the room very pleasing, probably because of the warmth of the effect. Classic, old cosy charm. Plus they provided a jar of cookies and a plate of shiny red apples!

I slept a long time. Much needed rest. 

In the morning, I discovered a pile of magazines.

At breakfast, Stu discovered he liked the lemon curd (maybe because it was homemade, he normally doesn't like lemon curd) and forgot the name of lemon meringue pie! But somehow remembered the name of tarte au citron.

Stu: "Emmie, what's that dessert called that isn't tarte au citron?" 

Me: "What?"

Stu: "It's like tarte au citron but with meringue."

Me: ".....lemon meringue pie?"

Stu: "YES! Please make one!"

The outside of The Traddock is charmingly pretty too, with pretty gardens although we didn't spend much time in the gardens.

We just wanted to walk in the Dales all day. Walk post coming soon :)

Staying in The Traddock was a real treat as we usually stay in a tent when we go on our walking trips. It felt so lush to come back to a hot shower and a comfy bed with clean white sheets, piles of magazines, a crackling fire in the lounge and tea from real cups!

There are things I love about camping but I mainly do it because it's cheaper. Definitely think a hotel was the right idea in February though!

Do you prefer luxury or budget travel? (Maybe both, I like a bit of both!)

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