Saturday, 25 February 2017

February in moments

 I know February is short but I seriously can't believe it's pretty much over already. 

Stu bought me daffodils and I adored them.

We celebrated 12 years together at the Traddock in the Yorkshire Dales, wandering over hills, sitting on rocks and clambering over walls.

Then headed Wiltshire way the following weekend. My parents treated us to lunch at the lovely Sign of the Angel in Lacock. Little Penny was so good. Haha, she had spaghetti though and later she sneezed and a noodle shot out of her nose!

We've had some subtley glorious sunset walks around Tottenham.

I spilled coffee on my phone and thought I'd ruined it after only 3 months of joy with it...but amazingly it just started working again! I'm extremely grateful as I don't have insurance for liquid damage.

I'm back at the gym and feeling strong (thanks to yoga with adriene!)

And aww, apparently Penny has a toy phone and when my sister asks who she is talking to on her phone she says Yemmie and Stu <3

Now I'm about to head off to the pub and then to my favourite Indian restaurant with friends. There has been lots of lovely friend time this month, at Tottenham Green Market, band practice, parties and coffee times.

Hope you've had an excellent February! 

Have you destroyed/had a near miss with an expensive device?

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