Sunday, 29 January 2017

January in moments

Neither of us felt well on new years eve so we decided to stay in, the two of us. At midnight we sat in bed with the lights off and the blind up and watched the neighbourhoods fireworks through the window. It was both celebratory and peaceful. Muffled sounds of joy, bangs, coloured sparks lighting the sky, all from the comfort of bed.

We were supposed to go to a party on new years day but we still weren't well so we had quiet day in our flat. A short walk. Some cleaning. Getting things fresh for the new year.

I set up a sort of bullet/gratitude journal thing in a beautiful new notebook. I sort of scoffed at gratitude journals last year but I am finding it a very pleasant start to each day. And I love ticking off lists. Paper and pen holds me more accountable to my to do list as well. I just kept deleting stuff I didn't do from my phone. Out of sight, out of mind. I'm using the bottom half of the page to just journal as well.

Stu's folks arranged a whole family get together. A quick lunch at theirs, soup and sandwiches, shortbread and coffee. Then a nice long walk through farms, past a misty lake to the next village and looping back. June the dog loved all the water she got to play in! I loved all the eerie mist and the stillness of the lake. Also spending some quality time with Stu's family.

I went to a gig on a school night! Gemmie (BFF) and I met after work and got delicious bowls of vegan goodness from Cook Daily (so yum) in Shoreditch Box Park, then headed to the George Tavern near Shadwell to see Mega Emotion and Goldblooms who were both excellent and fun. We didn't stay for the last band because bed was calling us.

Spent a Sunday night with a group of old uni friends, eating giant pizzas, watching Spaced (still amazing) and playing with the first baby of the group (who was dressed as Tigger, so so cute).

Kdrama vegan nights with Gemmie <3 (We are watching Uncontrollably Fond and Boys over Flowers).

Stu and I tried vegan doner kebab from What the Pitta in Shoreditch. It was good, but not what I'd hoped....but then, I adored doner kebabs so much before I went veggie that perhaps I hoped for too much. And I'd have liked more spice. I'll eat it again sometime, maybe it'll grow on me.

Yoga Revolution with Adriene. It's the first time I've properly done a daily yoga challenge and it feels amazing :D I struggled to stick to it at first so am running 4 days behind and will complete the challenge in Feb. Now that I'm in the flow though, it's easy to get on and do it. I feel productive and excited and calm all at once. My period seems easier than usual too. Could all be coincidence, could be the power of yoga!

My niece Penny can say my name and I'm utterly thrilled!!!!!!!!!! We are Yemmie and Doo <3

A day at Tottenham Green Market with Gemmie and Frances. Dumplings galore from the lovely I am Dumpling. And we saw La La Land. So beautiful!

No gym this month, it's too crowded in January so I take this month off every year.

And I've listened to Soothing by Laura Marling quite a lot. I've never listened to her music before but starting to now.The simplicity and the bass <3 I like the video too, it wasn't what I expected and makes me think of intimacy and performance. What should remain private? What can stay private? The feeling of exposure.

How was your January? Have you had a favourite song this month?

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