Sunday, 8 January 2017

4 beautiful photographers to discover on Instagram

I love feasting on the visual and I love Instagram. I only found out how great Instagram is last year and now I'm a bit obsessed with it. SO MUCH pretty to look at! It's very inspiring. Daily doses of art and food and nature and books and other peoples lives.  That's what I use it for anyway and I thought I'd share some of my favourite photographer/artists that I follow.

 huiuh_ takes intimate yet distant photographs, often double exposure with lots of sparkling light and water, hazy, veiled. Clearly sexual and emotional yet also hidden, vague and never showing a face, never meeting your gaze.

 xantheb has a wonderfully bright and colourful instagram feed with lots of cheerful, pretty short films with fun scenes from her everyday life and creative brain. She is based in London and takes a lot of colourful portraits, colourful buildings, floors, flowers, bicycles and cakey treats.

 xuejane21 I know nothing about...I make a guess that they are female and live somewhere in Asia? I love the photos on this account anyway, they are so natural. I feel like they capture ordinary moments with an appreciation of the beauty of the ordinary and of aging. There is a lot of flaking paint and rust with dashes of colour.

margaretdurow takes very dreamy photographs. Ever changing water and light and long haired girls, wistful nostalgia, little moments, hazy layers, detail.

I don't think I would have discovered these photographers and artists without Instagram (thanks Instagram! THANKS INTERNET) I'm there as emmiejoanna if you want to find me there by the way.

Are you on Instagram and do you like it? Any beautiful recommendations?

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