Sunday, 29 January 2017

January in moments

Neither of us felt well on new years eve so we decided to stay in, the two of us. At midnight we sat in bed with the lights off and the blind up and watched the neighbourhoods fireworks through the window. It was both celebratory and peaceful. Muffled sounds of joy, bangs, coloured sparks lighting the sky, all from the comfort of bed.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Thinking about the zoo - a day at Whipsnade

 On the one hand, zoos do valuable research/conservation work and educate us. On the other hand, the animals are enclosed in a small unnatural environment and lack stimulation. 

I think it's a bit of a grey area. One of my happiest childhood memories is the day my mum had a job for the day in Bristol, near the zoo. My dad dropped her off at work and then we went to the zoo ALL DAY. We were the first people in and the last people out. And my dad bought me a badge with a tiger on it. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Finding nature in North London

There are reasons to leave London (mainly the expense of living here) but despite growing up in a small town, I adore living here. I love the variety of city life, the sheer amount of possibilities, the number of people and the constant excitement of it. Nature is still essential to me though. Nature is actual life and wonder. For me it brings the peace and slowed down sense of joy that can easily be missed when you're constantly busy and flitting from work, to responsibilities, to socialising, to restaurants, bars, galleries, gigs, the gym, shops, and everything else. My 'daily' walks have brought me joy mainly by forcing me outside and putting me in amongst the changing seasons, the growth of plants, birdsong, and the delicate play of light and shadow ever creating beautiful changes in the same places.

I think most people are aware that London is pretty green and know of the Royal Parks etc and I do love those spaces but my 5 favourite spaces are a bit less manicured, a bit less crowded and a bit more natural.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

4 beautiful photographers to discover on Instagram

I love feasting on the visual and I love Instagram. I only found out how great Instagram is last year and now I'm a bit obsessed with it. SO MUCH pretty to look at! It's very inspiring. Daily doses of art and food and nature and books and other peoples lives.  That's what I use it for anyway and I thought I'd share some of my favourite photographer/artists that I follow.