Friday, 30 December 2016

What I was given for Christmas 2016

I don't want to be braggy with a post basically showing off my Christmas presents...but I really love my presents! I felt super emotional this Christmas as  I pretty much love everything I was given which makes me feel very cared for. I can be tricky to buy gifts for as I can be picky and don't like to own superfluous 'stuff' so I usually much prefer the giving of gifts more than receiving.

I had intended to do a post about the presents I was giving but never took the photographs in time so I can only do the presents I got. December has been a bit hard but there has been lots of joy, especially spending Christmas with my family. We stayed with my sister and spent lots of time playing with Penny, my much adored one and a half year old niece. 

They gave me homemade lemon and almond cookies, a puffin thing, Trysting by Emmanuelle Pagano and a share in a farmyard from Oxfam Unwrapped, which is a fantastic way of giving to charity but making it a gift, which I love. Penny helped make the card :D so cute!

Granny gave me a book about Japanese Society, which I'm sure will be very interesting although an ungrateful part of me always feels a flicker of irritation when I'm given gifts to do with Japan, because I think it's purely because I'm half Japanese and therefore I must want it. Which is unfair of me. It's not that I'm not interested and I have spent most of my life in England so, sure. (She herself was born Austrian and hates it if anyone thinks she isn't English!) She also gave me  a new collective nouns cup for my collection - a circus of puffins!

My parents gave me a Firefly graphic novel (YAY) and 2 boxes of florentines (YAY YAY). Aldi florentines are the best. They also gave me money to help me pay for my new phone, which was much needed and super appreciated.

My sister's in-laws gave us a beautiful little plant and some homemade jam! <3

Stu gave me a Casio calculator watch (which I've been talking about for years) and pistachio Hotel Chocolat (which I've ben curious about for years). Watches are my jewellery and I really love Casio watches. They are the best; inexpensive, trustworthy and awesome.

Stu's parents really surprised me with remembering small details about me, like my preference for unscented toiletries and my love for Terry's Chocolate Orange. And pretty walking socks! And a great selection of books from my wish list.

Stu's Uncle and his girlfriend got it so right that I'm still getting overexcited and emotional thinking about it. Fresh India by Meera Sodhi (vegetarian Indian recipes), a pile of spices and a coppery serving dish. I love it so much!!!! I've not had a chance to cook anything yet but I'm looking forward to it very much. Every recipe looks amazingly delicious. :D

We decided not to exchange gifts with Stu's sister and her boyfriend, instead we are going to go out together next month which should be really nice.
The people I know who 'hate' Christmas, usually tell me it's because it's over commercialised and gift buying is too stressful. I love giving gifts, although I see where the feeling comes from, when you are pressured to spend a certain amount but you don't know what to get and are just spending money for the sake of it and everyone exchanges gifts they don't want. That's crap. 

I feel the gifts I received this year showed that I am seen and loved. That feels wonderful.

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you enjoy exchanging gifts or is it all a bit too stressful?

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