Thursday, 8 December 2016

Moments of November: cooking and creating

I needed a rest and I have been resting like a restful resty thing. I have mainly been eating and cooking and listening to music. I made fresh tortellini from scratch, filled with lemony ricotta and hard cheeses. YUM. Took hours. Was worth it.  (The 2 of us ate 4 peoples worth of pasta in one meal. Because yes.)

Walking etc.

Daily walks, 11 days out of 30. Very poor. Had stopped caring. I'm just happy I did the walks that I did do! Most of those walks are actually in the last week of November (apart from this lovely walk in Pegsdon) and felt really good. I'm back on a roll now and have picked up again for December. Slowly getting back to the gym as well which feels very, very good indeed. There has been a huge lack of yoga in my life lately and I don't like it.


Just 2 books this month: Look in to my eyes (Ruby Redfort#1) by Lauren Child which is great fun (Ruby Redfort is a super cool girl) and White Teeth by Zadie Smith which took me a while to properly get into and then came alive with people and thoughts on home and belonging and layers of emotions and complications. It's funny and sad and so English.
Just one from BBC, about sustainability in fashion and what big brands are starting to do as well as smaller businesses. Lots of cradle to cradle thinking, where a product doesn't 'die' but can be easily remade into the same sort of quality product. (Unlike recycling where often each time a material is reused, lots of energy is required and the resulting product is inferior).

And on Ernest, Blueprints of Space for stunning starry prints by artist Lia Halloran.

and Life throughout November

  As previously stated, I mostly cooked and ate. Highlights include my fresh pasta (so proud of the fresh pasta). I made Christmas Puddings for Stu's family. The best curry I have ever made. A banana tarte tatin that looked hideous but tasted amazing. And a shallot tarte tatin which looked great but only tasted ok. Unfortunately (for me) I have no food photos because it is now dark ALL THE TIME.

I did some paper cutting on my star piece and it's looking good. Progress is very slow though. I'm not very focused right now. 

Have been practising my bass guitar though! So exciting! It feels very good to be learning a new instrument and brushing up my forgotten music theory. I've mostly been practising scales, arpeggios and finger exercises. There has been a little jamming with Stu and with friends but my confidence is still pretty low. Definitely going to work on this. So fun!

I went to the cinema with friends and saw Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them which had the most fantastic beasts and I loved them. They could have dispensed with the plot and just paraded fantastic beasts around for a couple of hours and I would likely still have been charmed. THE NIFFLER <3

I also saw Nocturnal Animals which was beautiful but fucking depressing.

 I visited some museums, including two of my favourites - the Wellcome Collection and the British Museum.

And spent a day at Winter Wonderland. Which is a rip off but can be fun if you're in the right mood and have money to burn and enjoy sickly sweet mulled wine and bad food. It was my mother-in-law's birthday and I think she really enjoyed it so that's the important thing.

Staying in with Stu and eating home cooked food and watching Gilmore Girls has been the best.

What were your November highlights? Do you play any instruments?

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