Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Walk with me: Pegsdon in Autumn

I'm so glad I managed a proper Autumnal walk before all the leaves finish falling. I think it's a particularly beautiful one this year. Or maybe it's only because yellow is my favourite colour this year. And orange and red are great too. This walk is quite short (8km) but only an hour away from London (by car). Convenient.

Apparantly the pink is a spindle tree, which I don't think I had ever seen before. So pretty!

A cold, grey day brightened by Autumnal colour. 

I'm struggling to get outdoors a bit now because I want to do ALL THE THINGS. So I've focussed a bit more on indoor activities like cooking, playing bass, papercutting...watching Gilmore Girls.  I miss exercise though and the gym is still inside and I do want to get outdoors for walks. I blame the dark. It's dark from about 4pm now! There is not much time for daylight activities outside of working hours. But it can be done and will be done. And it'll start getting lighter again in a month or two.

PS - Pegsdon walk route can be found here.

Do your regular activities change much with the seasons?

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