Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Walk with me: Pegsdon in Autumn

I'm so glad I managed a proper Autumnal walk before all the leaves finish falling. I think it's a particularly beautiful one this year. Or maybe it's only because yellow is my favourite colour this year. And orange and red are great too. This walk is quite short (8km) but only an hour away from London (by car). Convenient.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Inspired: Novacorda and Pablo Massa at Holy Grail Guitar 2016

I just followed Stu and Hobs aka SBC Guitars to the Holy Grail Guitar Show because I wanted to go to Berlin. I didn't truly think I'd spend much time at an exhibition of independent guitar designer makers. I said I'd come have a look (as I'll likely be helping out if SBC get a stand there next year) and then I'd leave to explore Berlin by myself. It was actually so inspiring that I only left a couple of hours before the guys. So much beautiful use of wood and colour. So many fantastic luthiers.

But the stand outs to me were Novacorda Guitars and Pablo Massa.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Moments of October - frantic + fun

As much as I love the bright yellow leaves of Autumn, I really dislike the shorter, darker days. This week I've found I leave work, step out of the building into the dark and my mood drops. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. It feels like there is no time left to do anything, the day is done. I think I need a rest and to organise myself. October has been incredibly busy and very fun and all over the place intense.