Thursday, 6 October 2016

Moments of September - stress and superpowers

Fitness dropped right off this month and I've been super on-edge. Would sticking to my fitness routine have helped me with the stress or would it have been an additional stress factor? There's no way to know for sure.

Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 19 days out of 30 for an uncertain distance. I'm actually pretty surprised by that number. I felt like I was super lazy and skipped loads of days but that's actually alright.

Daily yoga has completely stopped. And I hurt my shoulder lifting a kettlebell that was too heavy for me. :( NOOOOO. And I was pretty freaked out and stopped doing everything. So I've basically not gone to the gym this month because I'm scared. I thought about physio but it's expensive and I have a fear of wasting people's time (even when I'm paying. I'm ridiculous.) Resting has helped though. And I had a massage on Monday, which was good. It's still a bit stiff and odd feeling but mostly only at night/in the morning when I've slept on it. Am feeling ready to venture back to the gym, cautiously.


On the internet - this article about small breasts resonated for me.

and Life throughout September

I caught up with lots of my friends, lots of quality time was had. Mostly involving eating or coffee! But one exciting weekend, I spent Saturday with my best beast friends at a fancy spa, lounging around in the pool/jacuzzi/sauna and then I spent Sunday at London Zoo with another good friend, ALL FOR FREE. I love my lovely friends.

I spent a lovely weekend with Granny in Sheffield.

I donated blood. Because that is a simple thing that I can do to help.

I went to the Science Museum Late with my Polish cousin who I've now met 4 times and she is so sweet and pretty and I wish I could speak Polish! (Luckily her English is great).

I can barely speak Japanese though and think it's more important to focus on that first. Arghhhh. If I could pick 2 superpowers, I would have teleportation (to anywhere in the universe) and the ability to understand, speak and read all languages.

And of course a Wiltshire weekend to see my niece (and go to a party, which felt super teenage!) I also cleared some more of my childhood stuff from my childhood bedroom (almost clear now) and found some old cassettes and one of my favourite bedtime books! My Who's Who of Pets and Animal Friends!

I've been so busy having fun with family and friends that I've barely had time to process anything and no time to be still. I have lots coming up for October too but will find myself some space.

What would be your superpowers of choice?

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