Thursday, 27 October 2016

Inside Granny's house - a vintage interior dream

Granny says that now it's autumn, she can't remember how the trees looked in summer. And though she knows the leaves will drop and the trees will be bare, she just can't imagine how the trees will look in winter.

I can't imagine a time when Granny's house won't look the way it is now and has always done. A glorious 50's/60's/70's freeze frame. Simplicity blended with bright colour and pattern.

I'll start in my favourite little room - the box room. Which is where Granny stores suitcases and boxes and tools... and best of all, sticks greetings cards all over the walls :D When Grandpa was alive, he stuck them on properly with wallpaper glue (or something) then Granny carried on with blutak. The walls are full now. Bits are peeling and wonky and faded and stained with blutak but it is amazing. I love old cards and I love this tiny storage room.

Then in contrast, the 'drawing room' as Granny calls it. So clean and simple. White, navy, red and wood.

Grandpa painted the piano white!

That's not just a random pine cone ostrich egg basket on the table. Each item in there has memories attached and was gradually collected for the bowl.

And the kitchen! There is no way I can cook in it (as if I'd ever be allowed to) but I love to be in it, hovering around trying to help when Granny cooks on her terrifying antique cooker. I can hardly look when Granny gets right in there with her lighter to get it going but it's a beautiful beast. She has a real on-the-hob kettle, no toaster, no unnecessary gadgets. She uses a tiny mop to do the washing up! And she'll never let go of her ancient bright red fridge - "It's so boring that nowadays all appliances are white! Why are colours so expensive!?" she says.

Next, Granny's room. She has always had this bedspread (and matching curtains). Grandpa painted the headboard to match it. And she keeps her pyjamas in that little black dog.

She has a picture of Grandpa by the bed and a picture of her mother who was killed in the holocaust. I'm named after her.

In the hallway, there are pictures of my dad as a child. And their dalmation.

Ancient phone books in dusty pastel colours.

Coats on red hangers above the red phone on the red table. Guess Granny's favourite colour...

Then at the other end of the house are the 2 spare rooms, both orange.

There are always fresh flowers from the garden in tiny vases around the house.

That's my clutter on the chair that I neglected to clear away before taking photos...

Both bathrooms are colourful too. Granny's bathroom is lilac and black. The guest loo is orange.

And I'll finish with a photo from the porch, where there are many sweet little plants.

It's a cold house. And it has woodlice. But I adore it.

Tell me about a house you love?

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