Thursday, 1 September 2016

Moments of August - music, bare legs and laziness

Summer has rushed past me faster than I can function! I've been tired and lazy and emotional but still enjoyed plenty of sunshine and ice cream and melon and music.

Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 14 days out of 31 for an untracked distance. I got pretty lazy about walking this month. Walking almost half the days in the month is still a ton better than 0 days, which is probably what I'd have done if I hadn't set myself the daily walk goal. So it's not awful, but not my best effort.

Daily yoga has almost completely dropped out of my routine at the moment though. I'm so tired and have succumbed to scrolling through Instagram and lazily sipping cups of coffee in the morning (this is fun but I don't feel as good afterwards as I do post yoga). I miss it and will try to get going again for September. I love 'Yoga with Adriene' - she's my imaginary morning yoga friend. So many different routines, and nicely organised. She has 10 minute videos, 20 minutes, 30 minutes etc - I can choose from nice lists depending on how much time I've got. Plus she seems so nice and doesn't irritate me.

I've been going to gym classes pretty regularly though so not everything fitness related has slipped down the slippery slope of tiredness. Still doing Fighting Fit, Kettlebells, Core Conditioning and Yoga across each week and enjoying it all. I stopped Suspension Training because I wanted a break. (Push ups are SO HARD....but I really want more arm strength so I can play on the monkey bars in the park)


Finally finished Shardik by Richard Adams! Two months is pretty long for me to read such a small book. I have been tired and distracted this month though and the plot moved slowly.

It was worth getting through though. I finished it and felt very happy. I found it very beautiful. I loved the detailed descriptions full of nature and changing moments. The story follows the emotional/cultural/political development of people who worship a gigantic bear and believe it is the manifestation of God.

"The air was full of a dazzling, golden light, slow-moving and honey thick. Myriads of motes and specks floated here and there, their minute glitterings seeming to draw light down from the sky to the ground, there to fragment and multiply."

And on the internet - I'm fascinated by this article about 'ghost' galaxies and a bit obsessed with these photos that show the flight patterns of birds because they're wonderful.

and Life throughout August

It has been weirdly hot! Like actual summer! Which is very exciting after a few years of greyish coldish summers. And I am now a fan of the sun after 3 years of working in a cold basement. I have actually had bare legs! Shorts with bare legs! It was oddly scary the first time I tried it. I'm not shy about the shape of my body but dislike showing my bare skin. Not going to analyse this, just going to try and be comfortable. Anyway, it has been hot and I had to stop wearing tights/leggings.

I ate ice cream and veggie sausages at my friend's annual BBQ birthday party and cooled down in the paddling pool with the babies.

Helped out with guitar building at the Scatterbrain Concepts workshop.

Failed at being vegetarian by purposely eating a kebab and realised I really don't want to eat animals.

Walked in the Chilterns and had a cheerful picnic with family and dog.

Had a fantastic time at Arctangent festival - even though I had terrible mood swings (controlled to a point) while there (I'm going to blame it on my then impending period) and I got very cold wet feet despite my wellies. But so much wonderful music. My highlights were Talons, Agent Fresco, Yndi Halda and And so I watch you from afar.

Enjoyed lots of (mostly) food related London meet ups with friends - brunch, tea and cake, drinks.

Watched many talented musicians, including my dad, perform at China Exchange (so proud of him) after a yummy dinner and ice cream with Stu.

Then headed to Wiltshire for the bank holiday weekend to see friends and family.

I took my mum for a very belated (her birthday was in May) birthday posh pub lunch at the Sign of the Angel in Lacock. Which she enjoyed - yay!  It was so posh. I paid £14 for a salad. A very delicious salad but a salad. It's a beautiful pub though and the people who work there are so nice. We had a glorious time eating beautiful food in the beautiful garden full of trees laden with apples. At first in sunshine and then beneath a massive table umbrella as it poured with rain. It was lush.

I spent quite a bit of time with my baby niece Penny. She can walk now! Does that make her officially a toddler and not a baby? She's only one... She can say one real word now! Bubble! Although all round things are bubbles to her. And her bumblebee toy is bubble as well. We tell her it's a 'bubbleBEE'. Pretty close though! She's the cutest :D

And dinner with my lady friends (the guys were all at a stag do) at Sally Pussey's. We only went there because I'm childish and found the name funny (and I was initially told it was called "Sally's Pussy") but the food was actually tasty and good value. It was really nice to be just us, all women in a very small group. 4 of us and a well behaved baby. 3 of us (+ baby) went back to baby's mum's house to watch Disney films after dinner. We watched Aladdin and enjoyed lots of chatting.

And my mum made a bank holiday lunch in the garden! More garden eating! More sunshine! More bare legs!

home grown courgettes from the garden

my mum got the fancy plates out!

chirashizushi, gomadofu, courgettes, miso soup

The leaves have already started to drop though. The evenings are already getting darker. I can't believe how quickly we're reaching Autumn.

How has your summer been? What have been your highlights?

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