Monday, 1 August 2016

Moments of July - Morocco, Metal and Melon

July has been AMAZING and exhausting. I'm still in the mountains in my mind and I'm gloriously happy. I'm still euphoric. I climbed a mountain!

Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 17 days out of 31 for an untracked distance. I didn't take my GPS watch to the mountains as I didn't want the bother of looking after it, charging it, using it to collect data. Even if I had taken it, it would likely have struggled to locate me after a few days, it needs connecting to a computer every couple of days to update satellite locations, so whatever.

Despite climbing mountains for a week, my walk count is way down (not feeling bad about it, climbed a mountain) because in the week before Morocco, my knee and hip were really hurting so I was taking no risks and resting properly. Then the week after I returned, I was sick. Actual stay home from work sick. Ugh.

I got back to the gym and to walking last week though. Fighting Fit and Yoga are the best! Hiking in the mountains is the best. I feel so strong and so happy right now!


I've barely read the book I meant to read this month (Shardik by Richard Adams) even though it's beautiful writing and I'm actually really interested and want to find out where it's going (so far, a hunter for an odd village has stumbled upon a MASSIVE injured bear and believes the bear is a god and he has gone to the all-female religious island to let the priest(?) know and they have gone to find the bear and heal it) BUT I've been massively distracted by Morocco and my head is still there and I'm struggling to enter any other world right now.

I have instead re-read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, and I still utterly adore it.

"I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings. But you will sit a little closer to me, every day..."

And now I'm re-reading Wind, Sand and Stars, also by Saint Exupery. It's beautiful.

'Sometimes the storms and the fog and the snow will get you down. But think of all those who have been through it before you, and just tell yourself: "They did it, so it can be done again."'

and Life throughout July

Morocco! Morocco! Morocco! Morocco! Yes, it's all I can think of. I've been scribbling and doodling and daydreaming for the past 2 weeks since I got back and will pull it together for a series of blog posts this week. That's the plan anyway. I never want to forget this trip. I never want to forget feeling this good.

Even though I was ill for a full week when I got back and I missed Penny's very first and only 1st birthday party :( I can't believe it! Bad Auntie! At least she won't remember that I wasn't there but I'm very sorry I missed it and that I wasn't there to help my sister out. And I think it might be the first full month I've gone without seeing my favourite baby! I'll see her this month for sure.

Other than being a bad Aunt and being an overjoyed Morocco obsessive, I've started helping Stu out with guitar building! (He designs and builds guitars - Scatterbrain Concepts) Well... I've headed down twice. The first time, I did no work. I just showed up with doughnuts and hung out with Stu and Hobs (Hobs builds guitars with Stu) but Friday just gone, I actually did some stuff! Planing and sanding a piece of wood for a veneer. I took a really long time, I'm not done, and I managed to wound my finger somehow...but I'm going back and I will get that bit of wood prepared! It was a surprising amount of effort, all that sanding. Almost a workout!

I went to Metalbrew at the weekend. I was pretty doubtful about it. I'd never listened to any of the bands and it was in zone 5, but it was a lovely sunny day and it was such a small, uncrowded and pleasant event. And I discovered a new band (for me) to listen to, called Diamond Head. And we enjoyed an epic sunset. So, I'm glad I went!

And in other news, I'm completely obsessed with melons right now! It started in Morocco, where I had a huge amount of perfect melon. Then I got home and Galia Melons are 80p right now in Sainsburys and they are very, very delicious indeed. I've been eating half a melon each day (I had a whole one on Thursday but it did feel a bit much...) Mmmmmmelon.

Do you get obsessed with food/places/stuff? What are your favourites right now?

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