Saturday, 9 July 2016

Strawberry picking at Lotmead Farm

My family loves to forage and grow-their-own. To me, raspberries and chives should be free from the garden and I've only just stopped flinching at having to pay quite a lot for them in the shops, now that I live in a flat, with no garden, far from my family.

Every year my mum picks elderflowers and makes elderflower 'champagne'. My gran will take me to pick damsons from a tree that grows in the grounds of Sheffield University.

As children, we were taken to a nearby bushy field/hill to pick wild bilberries, which are like tiny blueberries. Our little childhood jobs were to pick blackcurrants from the bushes in the garden (which I did not enjoy as the bushes were covered in ants and the berries seemed never ending).

I had kind of forgotten all this childhood berrypicking. My sister and I took baby Penny to Lotmead Farm near Bristol to go strawberry picking and we were both saying how this was our Very First Time going strawberry picking. But it wasn't! It was just our first time paying to do so.

It also kind of was though, as picking at a farm is a different experience to picking in the garden or in public places. And these strawberries were SO GOOD. Really big, really red, really sweet.

Penny was enjoying it so adorably! Every strawberry she got her little paws on went straight in to her mouth with glee. She was covered in strawberry juice and happiness.

They were expensive strawberries, I think about £5 a punnet....but I think that you are also paying for the fun of picking your own, and to cover naughty nibbling while picking.

And there's more than just strawberry picking at Lotmead Farm. I think you can pick other stuff, like asparagus as things come into season. There are also friendly animals! You have to pay for a wristband to go see them though. Worth it. There are geese, ducks, goats, sheep, alpaca, donkeys, chickens, pigs :D

I really like this fun mural.

There is a totally free playground for kids with swings, slides, haybales and sandpits as well.

Also a little farm shop with the usual products and a basic café. We brought a packed lunch (as did many others) but we bought some tea and scones from the café. The scones were kind of dry with cheap jam and stingy cream...I would recommend a packed lunch to be honest!

It's a lovely, simple day out though. Particularly if you have young children to entertain. Not too expensive but outdoors and fun. We had driven a little way to get there and as we parked up in the field, it looked like there was nothing there and we were a bit worried we'd wasted our time, especially as it poured with rain almost immediately and we had to rush to the café for shelter.

Then the sun came out and all was lovely :) Penny's smiles and strawberry enjoyment super made it.

And right now, I'm packed and ready for Morocco! Excitedddddddd! Just need to sleep early (hopefully) as I'm meeting my friends at 5 am.

Do you take packed lunches on day trips or do you buy lunches out? Have you had the pleasure of picking berries?

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