Sunday, 3 July 2016

Moments of June: punching, preparing, politics

June has been a bit of a speeding rollercoaster to be honest.
It has been both lovely and exhausting. I've pondered on balance, have been balancing. But it's been high effort balancing.
Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 25 days out of 30 for a total of 68.67km. Last week my knee (old injury) started hurting so I took 4 days of rest. I think it'll be fine but I'm conscious of it and being cautious.

I was at the gym a lot this month and it felt great! Feel like I'm getting the hang of the punches at Fighting Fit now! Jab! Cross! Hook! Uppercut! Although I struggle if asked to think of my own combos on the spot. My brain/body hasn't learned the moves fully and I'm still kind of thinking 'which one is jab?'


Finished Something happened by Joseph Heller and The brief and frightening reign of Phil by George Saunders. Both excellent. But I don't want to write about them right now. I've struggled to write much about anything this month. My balancing act kept me emotionally balanced (ish) but a bit drained.

Much of my thoughts and reading were occupied with politics and the EU referendum. I said I would be heartbroken if we voted to leave but the force of emotion I felt and still feel when this turned out to be the case shocked me. I cried for 40 minutes upon reading the result. I've cried since upon reading about racist attacks across Britain. I feel devastated and angry and ashamed. My country is split down the middle and half the country is not the country I thought I belonged in.

The EU is not perfect and as I understand it, has not been great for some countries. That doesn't mean it can't improve. And I believe we could have worked for that from within. To me, the EU means peace, and working together for a better world. The EU works toward better laws to protect the environment, working and human rights across Europe. It means freedom. Regardless of the financial/economic implications (good or bad) I feel we have taken a selfish step backwards.

I don't really want to write any more about this and I'm just touching on it here. I hate feeling this way and I hate argument. But I can't completely ignore how much this matters to me.

So here is a little of my reading on this subject:

and Life throughout June

My weekdays have been heavily focused on fitness and my weekends on friends this month. Lots of fun has been had. And lot's of preparing for my trip to Morocco.

Hanging out at Tottenham Green Market.

Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Celebrating a friend's birthday with a BBQ in a woodland clearing.

And spending a relaxing weekend with my sister and my niece and going strawberry picking for the first time at a local farm.

How was your June?

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