Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moments of May - Family, Fighting Fit and Farmland

May has utterly flown by in a flurry of family and fitness with a ton of flowers, shadows, sunlight and nature. I couldn't ask for more! I've already almost forgotten that I was ill for a week or so with some sort of feverish exhaustion. Spending time outdoors, walking in the sun has left me in a state of bliss.

Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 26 days out of 31 for a total of 125.78km! That's a record for me! Still haven't achieved a full month of daily walks but I'm slowly getting there. Lots of commuting walks but also Tottenham Marshes, and farmland near Corsham, Northants and Dorset.

Bit obsessed with Tottenham Cemetery this month - so many wild flowers and singing birds and gorgeous light filtering through the trees and casting golden shadows across the path. It's magical.

Continued at the gym with yoga, core conditioning, kettlebells and suspension training. I managed to get to one lone 'Fighting Fit' class this month. It was great despite my awkward, uncoordinated, slow boxing moves...

And went for zero runs, argh! I want to be super fit for hiking trip in the Atlas Mountains come July. Heat and hills...hard to prepare for that in London but walking, strength and cardio should help.


Finished The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin, which was slow and thoughtful. Then greedily read The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro and felt super emotional for the next 2 days. I adore Ishiguro even though he breaks my heart every time. Have just started Something happened by Joseph Heller - hope this isn't an emotional punch too...

and Life throughout May

My parents turned 60 and had a joint birthday party at their home, everyone brought food and the sun shone brightly. I think they had a really lovely day and it was so nice to see them relaxing with their friends. My sister made a Sacher torte and Stu made a Victoria sponge with raspberry cream - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Simple is often best. (I made rainbow fruit kebabs).

Stu had a big birthday too - he turned 30 so I made him a stack of birthday pancakes before we romped to Woodberry Wetlands and had a perfect late lunch in the cafĂ© there. Later we met his family for dinner at TGI Fridays (classic).

And then that weekend we celebrated with friends at the Beavertown Brewery, followed by dinner at Chicken Town and finishing with a drink and a game of pool at the Beehive! I think he very much celebrated properly!

Then we ended May gloriously with a bank holiday trip to Dorset with friends, camping and hiking and enjoying sunshine and campfires, starry skies, lambs and stunning coastal views. Post with more pictures on its way - I still feel quite euphoric from how beautiful the weekend was!

How was your May? Did you celebrate a lot of birthdays too? Everyone's birthday seems to be in May!

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