Monday, 6 June 2016

Food joy at Tottenham Green Market

Wherever I live, I love a market. All kinds of markets. I grew up in a market town, excitedly buying 'Spectacular' nail varnish and avoiding the hot dogs from a van. The souks dazzled me in Marrakech. Smorgasburg was my NYC highlight. London has so many markets and Tottenham Green Market is a like baby compared to most of them. It's still a tiny friendly market with space to grow. But plenty enough food to excite me...

Arepas from Guasacaca - Venezuelan sandwiches made from a sort of light and puffy corn-y bread. I had a veggie one with beans and cheese and avocado sauce. Yes.

And on a previous visit I tried Mauritian food from House of Dodo - spicy curry beans and pickly bits - very fresh and spicy!

My friend Gemmie ( who is vegan) was well catered for by The Green Bean Café and Vegan Sweet Tooth. Healthy and ethical and so much choice :) The cake below is a vegan apricot sacher torte.

I went for non vegan cake - a portugese cheesecake from Silmar Taste. Mmmm. Moist and delicately orangey. Quite eggy tasting at the bottom...which reminded me I hadn't asked if they use free range eggs...and then I felt a bit guilty.

One time, I saw a pandan themed food stall there. PANDAN <3 there just isn't enough pandan in my life :( it's like green, Asian, vanilla but BETTER. I hope pandan guy will be back. Even though I didn't love this pancake thing, I have high hopes for the other pandan treats he had.

Overall, it's such a gentle and relaxed market. No queuing for food. Just eating it in the sunshine while fun happens. There was a quiz about trees going on. Children playing. A couple of craft stalls selling handmade soaps and jewellery. There's a very nice vintage clothing stall called Lemon and Ginger - lovely dresses in lots of colours and styles and reasonably priced around £10-15.

I'm looking forward to many more Sundays at Tottenham Green Market. It's the nicest market I've ever lived so close to. Also, I want to join in on a quiz!

Do you have a local market and what is it like?

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