Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dealing with pre trip anxiety and excitement

Before our trip to Marrakech in February, I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping for the whole month running up to it. All I could think of and dream of was Marrakech. I read books and blogs and travel advice and gazed at images on google and pinterest and imagined all the things I would see, the colours, the patterns, the spices and oranges and narrow streets. My only anxiety was that it wouldn't live up to my dreams, that I was so excited I could only be let down.

But no, I loved it there. It was all I dreamed and more. I was so overjoyed, anything negative drifted into unimportance. (Even while there I had trouble sleeping because I was too excited.) I just didn't have time to do and see and learn all I wanted (I will never have enough time).

The big thing I didn't get to do but longed to was hiking in the Atlas Mountains and the opportunity to do it came up (more on this here) so I'm going, just 4 months later. And the overexcitement is back, along with lots of little worries.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Walk with me - The Jurassic Coast!

I've been to Dorset as a child, on GCSE Geography school trips and for drunken teenage weekends in my friend's aunt's holiday cottage - but my eyes and brain must have changed since then because I never realised before how beautiful Dorset is. Perhaps it's also the time of year, the pink and yellow flowers, the  golden sunshine with the blue sea, ancient cliffs and rolling green hills dotted with lambs.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Food joy at Tottenham Green Market

Wherever I live, I love a market. All kinds of markets. I grew up in a market town, excitedly buying 'Spectacular' nail varnish and avoiding the hot dogs from a van. The souks dazzled me in Marrakech. Smorgasburg was my NYC highlight. London has so many markets and Tottenham Green Market is a like baby compared to most of them. It's still a tiny friendly market with space to grow. But plenty enough food to excite me...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moments of May - Family, Fighting Fit and Farmland

May has utterly flown by in a flurry of family and fitness with a ton of flowers, shadows, sunlight and nature. I couldn't ask for more! I've already almost forgotten that I was ill for a week or so with some sort of feverish exhaustion. Spending time outdoors, walking in the sun has left me in a state of bliss.