Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Walk with me - farmland near Corsham

I try to get back to Wiltshire every month since my niece Penny was born. It's hard to live so far away when I utterly love her. It's hard to imagine I could love a child of my own any more than this. So I was in Corsham a few weeks ago and my sister took me on this new walk she discovered, heading out of Corsham and around nearby farmland. Penny wailed the whole time instead of napping, but what a gorgeous walk! I think she wanted to enjoy it and resented being expected to sleep!

The walk begins down this path, banked by lush grass and wild bluebells and daisies.

This gate must lead to The Secret Garden, right?

We passed amazing old cottages (including one with a HELICOPTER in the garden!?! no picture of this but we saw it!)

Then through an automatic(!) gate to this tree lined path, sun dappled with shadows.

Until we burst out into open fields, sunlight and distant cows. (I like my cows distant. Cows can kill. It's a legitimate fear!)

Through the gate to a bumpy path (not too bumpy for the pushchair though) through more farmland.

And LAMBS! Yay!

We were intrigued that the lambs were black but all the adult sheep were white though they had black faces. Now we can't think whether we ever see adult black sheep and wonder if they turn white when they grow up...? Maybe it's just this breed.

Anyway we turned left after the sheep, through another gate to glorious yellow!

Much love. Yellow is the best - so bright and cheerful.

From here, we followed the road back into town.

Do you live near your family or have you moved away like me? How often do you get to visit and would you move back if you could?


  1. What a beautiful walk! I especially love that door covered with ivy. I've moved away from my family for college, but I see them twice a year when I'm on winter break and summer break :) I miss home-cooked meals and Friday night movie nights and trips to Baskin-Robbins with them T_T :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Aw, Friday night movie nights and trips to baskin Robbins sound like lovely family things to do :) it's been over 10 years since I moved away now and the thing I miss most is how perfectly my sisters taste in film/TV matches with mine!