Sunday, 15 May 2016

Vegetarian eating in New York (part 3 of 3) - QUEENS

There are great fun places in LIC and it is much cheaper than eating/staying in Manhattan. LIC (Long Island City) in Queens is where we stayed (in an airbnb with the loveliest host (who gave us loads of recommendations on where to go) and her lovely dog ) and it is an incredibly convenient location. We had a choice of 3 stations with 2 trains that took us to central Manhattan in about 2 stops and also a train that took us to Brooklyn.

Just what we needed as Stu's family were staying in Manhattan and my friends live in Brooklyn so we were ready to meet everyone in all directions!

Court Square Diner is right next to Court Square station (funnily enough) and it's open 24/7 with decent prices and free refills of coffee (thank you!). It's so....American! All plastic and metal with booths and it's just how a diner is in my mind.

I had pancakes, Stu had French toast, we were happy. Other than my mild guilt because I'm pretty sure we were consuming eggs that were not free range :(

It was the perfect place to be at early on a rainy jetlagged morning though, with the cheery sound of the telly, coffee being topped up and comforting breakfast foods.

Slice is a cheap, tasty and friendly place to grab a slice of thin crust pizza which you can take away, sit in, or there's a little garden with benches out the back. We sat out in the garden to munch and peer at the dog park through the fence.

On the pricier side of things, we tried Riverside Restaurant and Lounge because it has outdoor seating with a fantastic view across Gantry Park and over to Manhattan. It's very nice if you want to eat outside and enjoy the view and the food is fine (for meat eaters). There are zero vegetarian mains on the menu here! None! I mentioned my surprise at the difficulty of eating vegetarian in a 'normal' restaurant in my Brooklyn food post and mentioned issues in my Manhattan one too - I get the impression that in America, pescetarians are considered vegetarian and there is very little knowledge of how cheese is made. My cheese knowledge isn't great but I know that parmesan is never vegetarian. So I was reluctant to go here to be honest, but the rest of the family were very into the lovely view so here we went. In fairness, they did offer to make me something vegetarian (I think he said a risotto) but I didn't fancy it and the idea made me feel awkward so I had a feast of sides. Fries, spinach and grilled vegetables. I really liked the spinach which was garlicky and flavoursome but $7 seems a lot per side dish to me!

On the really delicious, worth the money, home-made tasting side of things, Manetta's is omg so good if you like Italian food. I was super happy with my gnocchi in fresh tomato sauce and broccoli rabe. It's so relaxed and cosy, yet cheerful and lively in there and is a great place to go with family for a special meal. Such good quality food <3

Last but not least, Sweetleaf is a properly good, very cool coffee shop with cosy seats, lots of fancy drink choices (although I always have plain black coffee) and yummy looking cakes. I didn't try any cake but my coffee was excellent.

And there were so many other exciting places I didn't get to try! I would definitely stay in LIC again and eat, eat, eat and explore.

Anyone reading, please do comment/chat! I'm interested in your thoughts!

How do you define vegetarianism (whether you are vegetarian or not)  and where in the world are you?

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