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Moments of April - Core conditioning, Chicken and New York

April has been a whirlwind of joy, I've twirled into May exhausted and happy and still spinning. Overshadowing everything else for me, I spent 5 days in New York (more blog posts to follow) which was fantastic. I was anxious about it for ages as I didn't think we could afford the trip and had made lots of money based decisions that I was worried would upset my in-laws (it was a family trip for my father-in-law's 60th birthday and our budgets are waaay different).

It was expensive (but we managed) and New York was beautiful - much more beautiful than I remember from my last trip about 8 years ago. Maybe it was because this time I was with Stu, or maybe New York is different!

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge in my pink tights

Everyone seemed friendlier, the blossoms were so pink, the sun was shining, the colours were bright.

Diner breakfast

Waiting for the train

Colourful wall in Brooklyn

Giant bunnies!

Central Park

I keep looking through my photos and thinking happily back on the trip. I'm not going to write any more about it just now as I will do proper posts separately but just wanted to summarize April for myself.

I spent quite a bit of time planning for New York although I didn't pack till the night before, which my colleagues were shocked by. I don't find this odd as packing in itself doesn't take long and I had compiled a list and planned my outfits so I wouldn't forget anything. Some of my friends think I'm crazy organised and some think I'm disorganised - I like to think I'm relaxed-organised!


Amazing sunsets again this month.

Train station

And lots of rain!

Epping Forest

 Walking etc.

Daily walk goal - I walked on 19 days out of the 30, distance unknown as I didn't take my GPS watch to New York but I think it was a lot. I did London walks in Tottenham Marshes, Bloomsbury and Epping Forest.

I spent a lot of time at the gym as well, mainly yoga and core conditioning classes but also Kettlebells and suspension training. And one personal training session (that I won in the gym lottery woohoo) where I tried some boxing which was really great so planning to start 'Fighting Fit' classes this month.

Went for exactly one run - not quite back in to running yet! Maybe this month...


and Life throughout April

It seems it was mostly fitness, New York planning and New York this month but there was actually other stuff. Seeing friends for drinks, for dinner, a murder mystery birthday party (which was fun because my friends are amazing even though I'm allergic to their cats and to fancy dress and to putting on accents).

I went to a talk put on by Progress Educational Trust - The Birds, The Bees and Fertility Treatment: A Sting in the tale?' which was very interesting. It was about whether fertility should be covered in secondary schools as part of sex ed. The panel included a fertility specialist who was concerned that people are unaware of the limitations of fertility, that fertility drops sharply for a woman after the age of 35 and that people don't realise that egg freezing/IVF is not a magical guarantee. There was also a woman who runs girl's schools and she thought that to cover fertility during sex ed would put more pressure on girls than necessary. And a sex educator who believes that current sex ed overall needs an overhaul.

I think sex ed is extremely important and certainly when I was at school it wasn't good enough. It was very vague, basic and was mainly puberty and use contraception or you will get an STD or pregnant. I remember being told to 'just say no'. It didn't prepare me at all. I got most of my info from books and women's magazines. 'More' magazine's position of the fortnight! Ha! (I thought people were really doing those and now I seriously doubt it...most of them were ridiculous!)

I think fertility should be included because I believe in giving people the facts. Not to make fertility as a massive thing but part of a general education, with more emphasis on healthy relationships and consent.

I treated myself to a jar of Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter! I'd been eyeing it up for a while but resisting due to the £3.99 price tag. When I got back from New York though, I was still in holiday mode and went for it and its DELICIOUS. Mmmmmm, so nice to have a new toast topping!

I saw maybeshewill at Koko - I believe it was their last gig :( and I only heard them for the first time last year! At least I got to enjoy them live twice.

I also kept going to chicken restaurants! The amazing Chicken Town in Tottenham and Nando's. I love Nando's. Stu and I had our first date in Nando's! People find it odd and say 'but aren't you a vegetarian?'. However, Nando's is almost like a vegetarian restaurant with a chicken theme! So many veggie options AND so many hot sauces.

And April wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Shell Show in Theydon Bois. My dad has collected shells since childhood and he sells there twice a year.

I went a bit impulsive and booked onto a group trip hiking in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. I'll be camping and hiking intensely and going up Mount Toubkal! Stu isn't coming as we can only afford one of us really (dipped into our rapidly vanishing savings) and he wasn't as excited about it as me. I'm both excited and nervous. I'll need to step up my daily walks! And saving.

How was your April? Was your sex ed as rubbish as mine? And did you ever read 'More' magazine?

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