Sunday, 10 April 2016

Walk with me: Lea Valley & Tottenham Marshes

Do I love Tottenham because I'm happy, or am I happy because I live in Tottenham? I actually don't know but I certainly feel that location is more important than I ever realised before.

I now get to see actual daylight! A shorter commute! And access to joyful North London walks, like this one along the Lea Valley canal path and Tottenham Marshes. 

Turning left from Tottenham Hale station, head towards the bridge and turn left along the canal. I accidentally disappointed these geese - they thought I had brought them food. Sadly, they were incorrect.

Then it's a flat, easy walk alongside the canal enjoying the colourful boats and their ladynames.

And blossoms blooming everywhere at the moment.

And reflections.

And colours.

There's such a peaceful, friendly vibe.

We pass by this lock.

And peep in.

Then continue past this empty bicycle maintenance building!

And this couple sitting on what looks like a bench made from dining room chairs!

Then turn left into Tottenham Marshes, following the sign towards Northumberland Park.

We just follow the winding path through greenery and wetlands. Enjoying the space and peace and flowers and birds.

Until we come out to the road, cross it and head straight until we reach Northumberland Park overground station.

I didn't grow up in a city, although I love city life now - but I do need access to nature and space. In the last place I lived, there only seemed to be small, sterile parks with no birds and it was all residential and I felt bored and enclosed. From here, I can map in my head, so many combinations of places to explore and run free!

Do you have access to decent spaces to walk and is that important to you?

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