Sunday, 3 April 2016

Moments of March - music, macarons, magical sunsets

Looking back at March, I can't believe how much has happened! I have such a crap sense of time, everything feels simultaneously like it happened yesterday and also AGES ago.

If I start thinking about time, it's a bit overwhelming. Time is perception and it's relative and it's overwhelming! I have a crap memory too. These things are good and bad - it's much easier to forgive when you don't even remember feeling upset or what happened.

But I do want to remember the good things and the important things and learn things.


I think my goal of going for a walk every day is going pretty well - this month I walked on 20 days out of the 31, for a total of 60.64km. I've had morning walks as part of my commute, lunchtime walks to escape my basement office, evening walks that incorporate errands and big, just for the sake of it walks, including these walks from Trafalgar Square to the Imperial War Museum, or in Regents Park at dusk.


and Life throughout March

Well, I turned 31 and spent a lovely day in London with Stu. We went to my favourite fancy cinema (Curzon - to see A Bigger Splash) and ate vegetarian dim sum (yum) and fancy dessert at Yauatcha. I've been gazing through the window at the macarons these past 10 years but never gone in. It looked toooo fancy for me. It is a bit weird inside, especially during the day I expect. The d├ęcor reminds me of a club trying to look classy. The food was amazing though and it's hard to find vegetarian dim sum! Also my cake looked like a velvety red rose. It was raspberry, chocolate and hint of lychee amazing.

I also went to my one of my favourite normal cinemas, in Wood Green (to see Deadpool). Best place in London to see a film in my opinion because it's big, it's cheap and there are always seats.

I popped by the WOW festival at the Southbank Centre to see my friend play bass for Kadija Kamara (who has a beautiful voice and was wearing the best outfit - gold dress and tough boots) and also saw Yasmin Kadi who has incredible energy. I felt so happy after seeing these two women perform.

I took a trip to Manchester to see The Curse and wander the Northern Quarter. <3

I saw two fantastic exhibitions - Lee Miller: A Woman's War at the IWM, and Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum. I go to Wildlife Photographer pretty much every year and every year I'm stunned by the beauty of the world and heartbroken at shit like elephant poaching. This time I went with friends (I usually go to exhibitions alone) during one of NHM's late events. They open late the first Friday of every month but unless you book a ticket for an exhibition or other events it's not really worth it as most of the museum is closed off. If you go to an exhibition it is good though - I've not sure I've ever had such a crowd-free visit to Wildlife Photographer!

I enjoyed some incredible sunsets, dreamy skies and shadow play. I love the moments when the sun starts dipping down and everything feels bathed in gold. I love the fleeting beauty of shadows and changing light.

I started drawing and papercutting again and hope to continue.

I've had quality nights in with Stu and also with my closest friend (we hang out one evening most weeks to cook each other dinner and watch Korean dramas on Viki - currently watching My love from the Star)

I saw Emmy the Great perform live at Islington Assembly Hall (SO GOOD). The performance was fantastic, so so satisfying and happiness inducing. I mainly love her for her lyrics which I find intimate and honest without being embarrassing. Also she is super cool. Her sound has changed recently from acoustic-y to more electronic-y and I like both. I wish we hadn't missed the support acts but I did enjoy my dinner at Le Petit Auberge which is a small and very reasonable priced French restaurant near Highbury & Islington. Huge exciting crepe selection! I had a very delicious aubergine dish (aubergine is so easy to get wrong I think). I got the wrong dessert crepe had a distinct alcoholic flavour and I really dislike alcohol in dessert. Alcohol in drinks or savoury dishes only please!

Finally, Easter and some quality family time. Instead of bringing eggs, I made little yellow chick macarons filled with lemon curd. I was pretty proud of them as I've had more macaron disasters than successes lately so I was full of yay with these.

My niece is 8 months old now and has started crawling. It hurts my heart that I'm so far away and won't get to know her as well as the rest of her family who live so near to her. Oh London, why are you so fun and why do you have pretty much ALL the jobs?

I cuddled and played with her lots and we went for walks (of course). This is my favourite topiary EVER. Just look at that adorable pig. The lady that does this is clearly amazing.

Looking forward to April now - I want to start running again now that it's light in the evenings again (yay) and I'm going to New York (YAY)!

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