Thursday, 21 April 2016

A vegetarian in Chicken Town, Tottenham

For about 6 or 7 years prior to going vegetarian, I would only eat free range meat. So most of that time, if I ate out, I was basically a vegetarian. It was like practice. And to begin with I had a naughty day each year where I allowed myself KFC or Nandos. Ohhh, how I missed fried chicken! Anywhere that cooked free range chicken, I was eager to visit. Now, Chicken Town has arrived, it's near my home, it serves free range fried chicken and it really tested my resolve...

 Chicken Town is in a charming old fire station overlooking Tottenham Green, it's a social enterprise offering opportunities for local young people, it has an affordable and decidedly delicious free range menu with a vegetarian option AND a vegan option and the best posh onion rings I've ever had. Also, outdoor seating...but it's still cold so we didn't sit there. No one is sitting there yet!

Stu considering his drink choice.

He got a Redemption (local brewery) beer called Hopspur (NICE PUN).

The space has been decorated really nice, simple, with bright yellow school chairs, dark green and bits of red. +++++points for having sriracha and a hot pepper sauce on each table.

The staff were lovely too, the service was flawless and friendly.

Stu had a Korean hot wings special which arrived first and I just stared at his food with utter looked and smelt amaaazing.

Thankfully my burger arrived before I could crack and it was SO GOOD that I swiftly forgot about Stu's chicken. My burger was the vegan option, two thick, perfect, crispy on the outside slabs of tofu with chilli sauce. YES.

And the best fancy onion rings. As a rule, I'm not a fan of fancy onion rings - the rings of onion slide out of the coating and I don't love the texture (and yet I keep ordering onion rings wherever I go). I actually love the little onion rings that are onion mush coated in batter that you buy from the frozen section of the supermarket (and yet I never buy those).

Chicken Town's onion rings have real rings of onion inside but they are so soft that they are like the frozen ones only gigantic and better. Mmm.

Do you have a food you find really hard to resist? (I have loads but fried chicken is a big one)

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