Saturday, 26 March 2016

Walk with me: Regents Park at dusk

Oh this was a cold grey evening but the park was gloriously quiet and peaceful. Rain threatened but it remained dry and so many birds were singing cheerily.

Starting off at St Andrew's Gate (nearest entrance to the park from Great Portland Street tube station), I headed up through the Avenue Gardens which are quite styled with flower beds and fountains and whatnot.

I'm pretty fond of these lion guys with wings. It's nice to see the pop of yellow too. With no sunshine, it felt very wintry!

At the end of the Avenue Gardens, you cross the zebra into the main park.

This little café is so cute! I've never bought anything there but one day...

Anyway, I swung round to the left, heading by the sporty bit with pitches and goals all set up and then right again past the hub (the sports centre - you can see it in the distance on the right of the photo below). In hindsight, it would've been nicer to walk by the ponds...

These carvings (just past the hub) always make me think of The Jungle Book for some reason.

Then I reached the zoo! I was excited to come this way as you can sometimes spot animals over the fence and I wasn't disappointed. Colourful parrots!

Can you see the camel below?

I didn't see any lions but I did hear them roaring, which was exciting. I have a vague idea that if you hear a lion roaring, that's a good thing because it means they have eaten and won't be on the prowl. Makes sense to me, don't want to be warning prey you're coming!

It was getting quite dark as I left the park, headed over the canal and towards Camden to get the tube.

I love that walking is completely free, gives me time to think and feel calm, always gives me something new to see and discover and provides gentle exercise.

I never listen to headphones when I walk or run because I like to be aware of my surroundings and I like to hear birds and animals and people and footsteps and leaves rustling in the wind etc. Also, I can't be bothered fiddling about with the wires and setting it up.

Are you a headphones person? Do you think I'm missing out!

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