Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Read: Bitch Lit edited by Maya Chowdhry & Mary Sharratt | and | Furies - A Poetry Anthology of Women Warriors

Two different collections, one of poetry, one of short stories, both focused on women and written by women.

Furies - A Poetry Anthology of Women Warriors

Oh this is beautiful, part of me likes it purely for the design and colour and organisation. Bright yellow and neat with poetry on the theme of women warriors, divided in sections of Shoal, Garden, Feral, Entrails, Myth and Resurrection. I know very little about poetry but there's lots of lovely writing in here and I just enjoyed taking in the words.

"He will not know as birds we miss nothing, yet
when he kisses me, softly, woman, I miss my beak."

Angela Readman

Bitch Lit edited by Maya Chowdhry and Mary Sharratt

An easy read of differing stories, some dark, some funny, all with a female anti-hero, which I enjoyed lots - Faith, the slayer that turned bad was my very favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer character. I had a huge crush on her and loved her toughness and lack of remorse (and still loved her later when she broke down and tried to make amends). The women in these stories feel no remorse though, they are BAD. It's both horrible and refreshing.

Who's your favourite evil woman? Any recommendations?

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