Saturday, 5 March 2016

crazy dreamy London skies - moments that make life beautiful

This is a selection of photos of crazy dreamy skies taken over January and February in London. These moments make me so happy as I go about my daily life. I adore that candy pink fluffy cloud above. Just drifting innocently over the buildings.

Train station sunrise.

This isn't a crazy dreamy sky, but I love it. I will read more books, no problem! Yay.

Gorgeous peep of sun through a mass of grey cloud.

This was so crazy - the left looked like a thunderstorm was about to start while the right was clear blue sky! I loved it. It didn't seem like people around me were even noticing it.

Not so much the sky but twilight feelings. The buildings looked so pretty as they began lighting up.

It feels so good to see these things and record them. I love the rush of joy when the beauty hits me. For a while the joy rushes stopped and I wondered if they'd come back, or if I'd grown out of it or something and my life was going to feel flat. I'm alive! Yay!

Does anyone else get joy rushes from beautiful moments?

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