Sunday, 20 March 2016

Beautiful moments - moments of joy - peaceful London

Both me and Stu grew up in the countryside (him East, me West) and have lots of friends and family who constantly ask us how we can possibly live in that AWFUL London - isn't it dirty and crowded and rushed and crazy and full of cold rude people and really expensive?!??

Well, that's all true and not true. Some of it is dirty and crowded. There is an enormous amount of people living here and dealing with their own lives. We can't all connect and sometimes people can't deal with other people and rudeness happens. Sometimes I do feel very upset when I encounter real rudeness, even though it isn't personal. And yes, it's an expensive city and I live in a tiny overpriced flat...but I was raised to be frugal and....I guess I'm used to it.

It's worth it! London is crazy fun. There's always something on, there's always something to do, somewhere new to explore. Wonderful people. Tons of museums! And without spending any money, I can walk down the street and feel joy at how beautiful it is.

Besides which, London is full of peaceful moments, quiet places. Even in a busy place, I can look up at the sky to feel a bit of space.

Light and shadow are extremely beautiful to me. Perhaps it's the fleeting and changeable nature of it. It's not really there, you can't touch it, but it changes everything.

This weeks paper cut - appropriately, inspired by light, shadow and clouds.

This sunset was so stunning, I had to smile and exchange joy with strangers on the train. I haven't done it justice, the colour was intense but I think the picture is still pretty.

I feel so thankful to have caught these moments. Memories can fade so quickly and I very much want to remember how beautiful life can be.

Do you/could you live in a city?

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