Saturday, 20 February 2016

Why Baskervilles in Palmers Green is my favourite London tearoom

Whenever I'm in Palmers Green, I feel a definite urge to go to Baskervilles for tea and cake and I'm not even a big fan of tea. I only truly like Rooibos tea which is caffeine free and delicious without milk. I dislike milk. And if I'm consuming caffeine, I want coffee.

Baskervilles is relatively new, I lived round the corner from it about 7 or 8 years ago and it was sadly not there then. I first discovered it a couple of years ago when I popped back for a jumble sale. Palmers Green is so good for jumble sales and charity shops. I find some of my favourite clothes and books in Palmers Green and for so cheap.

Anyway, back to Baskervilles and why I love it:

It's both cosy and spacious as well as sweet. The details are lovely - blackboard has pretty green frills drawn round the options, the staff wear frilly aprons and are really nice. It's usually quite full of happy families (they are very child friendly) but it was quiet today as we went quite late in the day.

The windows are massive with a view of the park. Or you can go out the back and sit in a pretty garden full of plants. We didn't on this occasion as it was raining but have sat out there before in the sunshine.

They are really into the local history - there are some old Palmers Green photographs on the wall behind Stu. We also had some albums of old postcards near our table that we flicked through (you can buy copies) and all the teas on the menu have names that relate to the local history which is detailed in the description.

I had 'The Lodge' tea - Rooibos with orange. Generally, I don't like my Rooibos messed with but this was delicious. The orange was subtle and I liked it.

We tried scones this time - I had the bake of the day (raspberry and orange scones) with salted butter. Yummmmmm. My scone was warm and sweet with perfect texture and SO good with the butter.

They have a great selection of very good cakes there too. I usually have banana cake with peanut butter frosting which is very good indeed. It's a flavour combination I love but rarely see! Everything is simple and well done and never boring.

They sell their tea leaves to take home and they also sell the colourful teapots they use. I felt quite tempted today because I like the idea of having a glass teapot with the little strainer basket inside...but I already have an ordinary teapot and I rarely drink tea, let alone make loose leaf tea so it felt a bit too extravagant!

If you live in North London or are in the area, I highly recommend Baskervilles for a relaxing tea and cake as well as some Palmers Green charity shopping!

Do you have a favourite tearoom? And does anyone else love Palmers Green?

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