Sunday, 28 February 2016

Walk with me: Cherhill Downs (the white horse)

I've walked this short steep 2.8km walk since I was a very young child and I love it very much. This is actually the first time I've taken pictures here because I find it so beautiful I feel that
pictures can't do it justice. And I don't know that they can! But I'm glad to have taken these and to share this walk.

My parents and I drove out to Cherhill and parked in a lay-by then headed up a narrow chalky path.

The recent rain had left the path like white clay! I only had the one pair of shoes with me (I wiped off on the grass at the top, I really got away with it. They look absolutely fine now! My parents dark coloured shoes are crusted with white clay!

The path is sort of banked but when you reach the top you feel suddenly free, you're in open space and the horse is ahead.

Then you can bound along the grassy hills, gorgeous views on both sides. The hill is almost a sort of curved ridge.

First we pass the monument, which is all boarded up at the bottom right now. It looks like there might be some damage.

Further round, we reach the horse. I used to climb down and sit on it as a child but actually, I'm not sure that's allowed! It is a big white chalk horse, carved into the hill - apparently it's the third oldest white horse in Britain!

Then down the grassy slopes toward the path (a different path). We cross a cattle grid to reach this path! And met a friendly dog on this occasion!


The dog and his walker were the only other people we saw on this walk. Lovely to have it to ourselves and drink in the beauty of the views.

The path back was firm and not clay-y, so reached the road with relatively clean shoes and headed down the road towards the car.

Here is a link to the National Trust page for Cherhill Downs if you'd like more detail.

Do you have a favourite childhood walk? And does anyone else ever have that feeling of not wanting to take a photo because it can never be as beautiful as real life?

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