Tuesday, 16 February 2016

WALK MORE! 2016 resolutions - better late than never

Goal: go for a walk every single day

I mentioned in a previous post that my sister leaves her house every day and goes for a walk which I think is amazing. I work full time in a basement and see very little sun, especially in winter. Even in summer, the only real time I spend outdoors is when I go for a run. I think the outdoors nature time might be a big part of why I love to run!

Anyway, my sister has inspired me and my main resolution for this year is to develop the habit of going for a walk every day. I've already started (most successfully at the weekends) and Stu has been joining me which is so nice.

Weekday walking is less good, it's dark when I leave work and I'm tired. I often go to the gym at lunch and when I don't, I like to spend it with my colleagues as I mostly work alone and don't want to alienate myself further! And I already get up early because I do a bunch of chores and have a relaxed coffee with Stu before I leave for work. Roll on summer, then I can have daylight evening walks!

Quick lazy breakfast - coffee, banana and cereal with coconut milk

I'm really looking forward to all the potential walks I plan to experience this year - I've already really enjoyed my walks over the last week and a half! I haven't managed every day but I've only just started. And actually even night walks have their charm. I love the shadows and lights, particularly tree branches.

Painted canal boats in the background

These photographs are from our walk on Sunday on Tottenham Marshes. I'm so happy we have lovely places to walk near us. The marshes have so many paths to discover and the canal leads all the way to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park I believe. I hope to walk all the way there from Tottenham soon.

Shadowy Stu

Walking is wonderful and free and less sweaty than running (not that I plan to stop running) and easier to chat during. I love that Stu is joining me (Stu does not like running) and we are just looking at the world and talking and breathing outside air and experiencing the weather and the seasons. Yay walking!

Glowing blossoms
Other goals I have in mind are to not interrupt people, to travel more (I want to go back to Morocco...and also visit Portugal and Sweden - I don't think I can afford to do all that this year though!) and do some fighting based exercise. I've wanted to try kickboxing/boxing for a while but don't want to pay for things outside of what I already pay for the gym. My gym does offer a class called 'Fighting Fit' and possibly Karate though. I'm gathering the courage...

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