Saturday, 20 February 2016

Going for a walk at lunchtime - such a good idea!

Reasons to go for a walk at lunchtime

  • fresh air
  • natural light
  • switch off and recharge
  • exercise

During winter/until the clocks change, I expected all my weekday walks would be in the dark, but yesterday was so sunny that I scoffed my lunch while working and used my break to go to Regents Park.

glorious daffodils

 I felt so happy and relaxed walking in the sunshine amongst the daffodils and blossoms and little fat squirrels.

I got back to work so refreshed and ready to work. Will definitely do this again. Basement office lack of natural light can sometimes make me tired and headachey.

There is also something great about truly switching off from work for half an hour or so in the middle of the day.

I walked 2.37 kilometres for a relaxed half hour (I wore my running watch - I want to keep track as I'm trying to go for a walk every day).

My route was only in the English Gardens part of the park - next time I'll head for the ponds (ducklings hatch soon I hope!)

Do you walk at lunchtime or would you like to try?

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