Saturday, 23 January 2016

Starting again

Woke up this morning with the sun shining though the bedroom blind (which I love - made it myself with fabric from IKEA) and I'm so happy and I want to keep a proper record of everyday life and the beautiful things that make me happy.

I used to do that in 'I just want to grow potatoes and dream', which I| started while studying for my Masters in 2007 or something and continued to 2014. Then last year I posted nothing, and went to almost zero exhibitions. 2015 was a real recharging, relaxing year. I had built up a lot of anxiety and lost a lot of confidence. I spent a lot of time running, doing yoga, nesting at home and rebuilding close relationships.

I feel so much better and so excited to be alive. It's a new decade for me, I'm in my thirties now. New blog.

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