Sunday, 31 January 2016

A week with family in Wiltshire

I spent this last week back in Wiltshire with my family and most especially my little baby niece Penny, who I utterly adore. It has been so good to just relaxed, out of the city and totally focused on caring, cleaning and cooking. (I cooked all week for my sister because I'm a vegetarian and she isn't sure what to make and also to give her a break from cooking)

I was pretty pleased with this dish in particular - sweet potato tortilla, fresh tomato salsa and garlic fried broccoli. Yumyum! I whatsapped this picture to Stu (he was working this week and didn't come with me) and he replied 'I'm so hungry I could eat you, why are you showing me this??' Poor hungry Stu :(

We went on plenty of lovely wintry walks. My sister likes to get out of the house, stretch her legs and get fresh air every day. So good! I'm going to make an effort to do this from now on. I can be so bad. I could use working full time as an excuse but I shouldn't....I 'm so tired sometimes I don't leave the flat at all at the weekend and spend all day in my pyjamas watching netflix! Terrible!

Stu came down last night and we went out for a friend's birthday and now we are back in London. It's good to be home :) (I miss Penny though)

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